Linux Basics for Hackers: The first book of year 2019

I am not a voracious reader however, the environment where I stay really motivates me to read at least a book in a month and despite this newly acquired habit is little demanding of my time and sometimes it is bit daunting to spend the time in solitute ..

Nevertheless, please excuse my shabby English provided I am providing you any sense of impression that I don’t enjoy reading. Instead I really like to read, despite I got 18 out of 30 in the Reading Section, during my TOEFL exam (which was the prime reason why I scored only 90 out of 120 and all my friends scored 100 and above).

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BullDog – A Writeup

Good morning everyone!

I am trying to configure some server and doing some log analysis therefore, I slept little late. Usually, I sleep comparatively earlier than all my friends and is a early riser.

After a quick shower, I had a good breakfast and wrote few emails to some clients and my former bosses about work related things.  Subsequently I had an opportunity to share few thoughts with some young college students (I know I am young but in front of them, giving the fact that my priority in life and how I look at things, I must admit that I am bit old lol ). The reason I am sharing this story is that when it comes to sharing your experience or guiding your junior, it is quite important not to inundate the listener and besides, find a good excuse to end the conversation as soon as like before 10 minutes. I think if I keep this habit, it will definitely going to enhance the productivity of the both party.. (It is hypothetical which I would like to experiment 🙂 )

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WinterMute Straylight Beta Writeup

Tashi Delek to you !!

These days I am in Bangalore and during my spare time I read many Reviews and Personal Stories of the people who appeared OSCP exam. And every people has different level of experiences with the course and the exam. I am not sure why but I like the write-ups of those people who appeared the exam more than once. Probably, cause I can connect with them more as I am also a  newbie..

Anyway, instead of living in fear and doing nothing,  I am going to practice at least 20 boxes before actually taking the course, that way, I might probably be in better position to clear that exam!

Ok enough said, let’s dive in 😉

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