Start Burpsuite using command line

If you don't want to start your burpsuite, which consumes all your available resources (RAM), then I think the following way will safe you. By the way, I have only 8GB RAM and my Kali Machine consumes 3GB, therefore, I need to be very careful when it comes to resource management, to enjoy a stable performance :-) 

java -jar -Xmx2G burpsuite_community_v1.7.36.jar & 

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A beautiful Saturday with ‘Toppo’ machine

Tashi Delek everyone!

Today is a beautiful Saturday and I have a very good news to share with you that I have raised enough money to fund myself to pursue OSCP course for 90 days, however, I think I will raise little more so that I could apply a better internet connection also.

Oh yeah, today I rooted a machine which I rooted actually quite sometime back and can’t recall how I did it, so I think it is a good mild challenge to resume my preparation.

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“How to talk to anyone anytime anywhere” – A book I read in June

Hello there!

Although I didn’t mention much about the books I read in the blog, I write quite often about it on the Facebook.  And it appears to me that not many people appreciate the frequent posts of foods, places, selfies, activities etc.; and label it as a form of narcissist.  However, I disagree with such form of prejudice.

If you feel not comfortable to see the posts, you can either unfriend, unfollow or even block the person from your list of friends.

In many occasion, I find much of your happiness or unhappiness depends on your own choice.

Anyhow, like I mentioned in other posts that I am going to read at least one book monthly. And “How to talk to anyone anytime anywhere” by Larry King was my chosen book for June.

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