Portfolio Masonry

A beautiful Saturday with ‘Toppo’ machine

Exploiting Easy RM to MP3 Converter on Windows 7 (Replica)

My approach to Vegeta Machine

Kioptrix Level 1 (Through Apache Vulnerability)

“How to talk to anyone anytime anywhere” – A book I read in June

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Brainpan 1 – A Walkthrough

How to setup Static IP address on ubuntu server 20.04

Writeup for Troll3 machine

WinterMute Straylight Beta Writeup

Kioptrix Level 2, Walk through

How to install gobuster in Kali Linux 2020

owning Toppo Machine

Me and My Girl Friend – This is the machine name lol

Let’s pwn cybersploit machine

Will I get a root access to PumpkinGarden ?

Gaining a Root Access in this rainy season, of Symfonos Machine

Let’s take down victim01

Linux Basics for Hackers: The first book of year 2019

Fix for Error “Before you can run vmware several modules must be compiled”

Kioptrix Level 1 (Through Samba)

Start Burpsuite using command line

Vulnix walkthrough which bolstered my RHCSA knowledge

OtterCTF 2018 Memory Forensic Walkthrough

Taking down Legacy (A Window Machine) without using Metasploit

Walkthrough for SickOs 1.1

Shelling Decoy

Pwning Pwned

Rooting Mr. Robot

owing born2root

How to Install Virtualbox on Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop

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rooting fristi

How to setup static IP addresse on RHEL8 or CentOs

“Stages of Meditation”

rooting cybersploit 2 machine ?

A walkthrough for Stapler

BullDog – A Writeup

Kioptrix2014 – Finally

Installing Openjdk for Ubuntu 16.04

Taking down Blue (a window machine), without using Metasploit

The Life at other side

Force HTTPS on WordPress