About Me

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About Samdup

Samdup is an “information security researcher and digital security trainer” based in Dharamsala, India.

He was from Tibet and did his schooling from Tibetan Homes School, Mussoorie. He has M.Sc. Computer Science degree and had undergone many intensive cybersecurity training.  He is also trained in RHEL 8 (both RHCSA & RHCE).

He has worked as a Mathematics Teacher (2010-2011), Web Master, and System Administrator, apart from his specialization.

He primarily works as an information security researcher (since 2013), where he provides services such as website, database, and network security hardening and penetration testing services, using offensive security (also known as Red Team) approach.

He was also an information security researcher at National Security Database, New Delhi India between the year 2013-2014.

He has provided a couple of cybersecurity training both in India and abroad on topics such as “Hunting Malwares in your office” and “Advance Web Application Attacks” etc…

Currently, he is preparing the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) exam, which is very popular among the information security community.

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I’m in Socials

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