OtterCTF 2018 Memory Forensic Walkthrough


I know they are not many reader to this blog apart from some occasional spammer therefore, the entire writeup was done in a way that it’s more of record keeping than for a potential reader.

By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the friends I met at IFF (this is my second time) and Coconet, and to all my mentors in India and abroad, who has guided me and encouraged me to follow my dream!

Please bear with my lousy English and you might not believe that I was once selected as one of the top six Tibetan students to study in U.S. on full funded scholarship to pursue double Master. Nevertheless, due to my shabby English skill, the opportunity was fallen off from the plate. Therefore, I already kind of feeling empathy towards my genuine readers 🙁

OK. I will cut my crap here and do the write-ups 🙂

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