In my free time, I enjoy meditating, taking long walks, cooking, and challenging myself by hacking machines from platforms like Vulnhub or


  • How I took down ‘Player’ machine from vulnhub

    Overview: Target Machine IP Address: My Machine IP Address: Mission: Boot to Root 1. To get user flag 2. To get root flag 3. To get root access   THIS IS A MACHINE FOR COMPLETE BEGINNER , GET THE FLAG AND SHARE IN THE TELEGRAM GROUP (GROUP LINK WILL BE IN FLAG.TXT) DHCP : ENABLED IP : AUTO ASSIGN Download: You can download the machine from here. ************************************ Information Gathering & Scanning Process:…

  • How to Install Virtualbox on Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop

  • How to setup Static IP address on ubuntu server 20.04

    Task: DNS: Gateway: Netmask: IPv4: sudo vim /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml # This is the network config written by 'Samdup' network: version: 2 renderer: networkd ethernets: enp0s3: dhcp4: true enp0s8: dhcp4: no dhcp6: no addresses: [,] gateway4: nameservers: addresses: [,   sudo netplan apply

  • How to setup static IP addresse on RHEL8 or CentOs

    Although there are many benefits of assigning static IP address to a machine, it really helps me to stay organized and can monitor my machines with more convenience. Besides, it became a habit that whenever I have to access machines from Vmware or VirtualBox, I like to SSH to it from my host machine. So, in this article I will share how to set a static IP address to your machine without using any Graphical…

  • Taking down Blue (a window machine), without using Metasploit

    Today I am going to take down a machine called ‘Blue’. It’s a window 7 based machine. I didn’t expect that I could pwn the machine quite easily… Anyway, here is my walkthrough of it. By the way, it is not necessary mean that it is the sole way to compromise the machine. Ok enough said, let’s do some work… nmap -sC -sV -o nmap1.log PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION [6/13] 135/tcp open msrpc Microsoft…

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